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This story was inspired from a real life news story on Friday 5th March 2020

One day, as a boy was walking to school, his route took him past an accident.  A lorry had got completely stuck under a low bridge.  The driver, who had misjudged the height restriction, was unable to either go forward or reverse.  The busy road was blocked in both directions and the traffic was beginning to mount up.

Later that day walking back, the boy could see that diversions were in place, heavy equipment had been brought in to try to pull the lorry free and structural engineers were on hand to advise how to proceed without damaging the bridge.

a police inspector was there, reassuring the journalists that everything was being done to deal with the incident as promptly and efficiently as possible.

The boy ( who’s dad was a journalist) went up to the inspector and suggested a simple solution:

“Why don’t you just let the air out of the tyres?  If the tyres are lower, the lorry will be lower and it won’t be stuck anymore.” 

The incredulous, yet desperate inspector gave the instruction, and in no time the lorry was low enough to pass under the bridge.  The inspector wondered how a small boy could see the solution when he and so many experts had failed.

Often in business we are so used to sophisticated solutions that we are in danger of over complicating issues. 

At North Bailey we are experienced in providing the clarity you need to find effective solutions. We bring fresh perspective and critical thinking along with a wealth of knowledge.  We are provocative, challenge convention, ask the difficult questions and allow you to see your business from a different perspective.

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